The Coronavirus is a Good Thing???

So before I get into this, just know 2 things:

1. At the end of this post will be my opinion and prediction (I was going to make this Facebook post a week ago, but decided not to, but now I think it’s a good idea to spread awareness, and yes, I know, I will get some haters lol),

2. I do believe the Coronavirus does actually exist, BUT it is important to know, while everyone is panicking, what is going on behind the scenes is very very very important… (I’m going to try and condense this)

So, it’s no secret, most people just share headlines, read biased articles, listen to anything, which causes primary focus on those certain things, and not understanding what is actually happening or going on behind the scenes…

What a lot of people don’t understand is that the Coronavirus is just ONE thing going on… Is it possible that it is exaggerated by the media to cover up what’s really going on?

So everyone knows, businesses are closing, the stock market is plummeting, interest rates were cut to 0% (by the way, perfect time to borrow money and double down on appreciating assets), a stimulus package is being implemented, among other things.

But before I get into my prediction, I want to briefly explain why it seems as if a majority of the nation is struggling financially the past decade or 2 and what may be to come.

So in 1971 the U.S. switched their standard currency from the Gold Standard to the U.S. Dollar as the standard form of currency. The problem is, the U.S. Dollar is a fiat currency, it has no intrinsic value, it’s made of paper, and it is backed by the government and not physically backed.

So as more and more money is printed, it causes inflation, hence, the U.S. dollar loses value. So even though your linear income stays the same, everything else goes up.

And that’s why a lot of Americans are struggling and only 5%-10% are not, because those part of the 90%-95% did not adapt and/or continued to follow outdated advice from others.(which obviously was fine in the early stages of the change of the standard currency before the damage was done and actual change was needed). P.S. Which is why my generation and after got put in a tougher spot.

I could keep going on and on about this topic, about what people needed or need to do to be ahead financially (invest in appreciating physical assets), but I’m going to stick to the main topic in this post.

So, with having said that, eventually this financial system would catch up to itself…

So back to the Coronavirus Pandemic, not only will this time period lead to an education reform, due to the fact that tons of people are staying home and realizing that being an employee is not the only way to make money! (Prediction = Good News!)

This also may lead to 1 of the biggest economic shifts the world has ever seen!!!…

I’m sure you’ve heard timing is everything. This is literally a once in a lifetime period.

We are currently in the longest expansion in U.S. history and waiting for the credit bubble to burst. The stimulus package being implemented will probably have no effect and the Coronavirus Pandemic is literally perfect for exposing all the central banking system’s issues.

Literally… the central banking system could be completely destroyed.

BUT, is that a bad thing?

Could this be the collapse of fiat currencies? Could this finally be the end of the corruption? Is the IRS (government stealing our tax money), the Fed (monopoly of creating counterfeit money aka fiat currencies), and others finally going down?

So while everyone fights over Democrats vs. Republicans, even some independents, they don’t understand what’s really going on and that it’s almost irrelevant (besides keeping the money we earn!)…

It is NOT rich vs. poor… It’s the Elites vs. everyone else!…


What is happening behind the scenes is a once in a lifetime event.

I’m talking 1 of the biggest, if not THE biggest, economic transformations this world has ever seen…

The collapse of the Elites, the central banking system, and the U.S. Dollar…

So if the U.S. Dollar is no longer our standard currency, what replaces it?

Do we bring back the Gold Standard? I personally think that may be too tough due to measurement purposes.

Plus, it’s 2020, you would have to think we’re trending towards a digital currency.

Could this possibly be the rise, well actually the BIRTH, of cryptocurrency?

Well, it’s tough to predict, but it’s going to be very interesting to see how all of this unfolds…

All I know, is big changes may be coming and people should be keeping tabs on what is happening behind the scenes as it it VERY important!

Now I have one last question though…

My question is…

Was this all planned? I mean it literally is perfect timing… the perfect setup…

Time to make moves!

Be safe and stay healthy!

Talk to you soon..

P.S. Refer back to this post as time goes on.
March 21, 2020.