First Valuable Lesson

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My First Valuable Lesson!

Hey what’s up everyone! Mike Rosko here. First thing I want to do is officially welcome you to my blog!

So over the past couple years I’ve been learning from directly from some of the top business leaders, investors, and mentors to get me to the point to where I am today.

Follow my journey, as I document both to good and bad on the way.

But first let me start by telling you my story as to where it all began.

This is where I learned my first valuable lesson!

Something We All Hated Back In The Day!

Let me take you way back, well… to my mother.

Like all of us did as little kids, we would beg, cry, throw a temper tantrum make a huge scene and unintentionally embarrass our parents just so we could get our parent(s) to buy us something we wanted.

Now some parents would just give their kids whatever they want just to get them to stop causing a scene.

But not my mom… Never my mom…

I can still to this day hear my mom’s voice in my head, every time I wanted her to buy me something, she would say, “Michael, you really don’t need this. If you want this, you’re going to have to use your own money to buy it.”

Now obviously at that age, the only money I had was birthday money from family members. Yes… family members not my parents. I have never gotten a birthday gift from my parents in my life…

Some of you are probably thinking, “Wait… what?…”

Yeah… my mom doesn’t believe in giving my sisters and I birthday gifts.

But it’s funny because, at the time, I never understood it, but now that I’m older, I understand the lesson that she had taught me…

We Went To The Store

shopping carriage
Shopping Carriage

Now remember, this was when Pokemon was THE THING.

So I remember this one specific incident when my mom took me with her to the store. I remember begging my mom to buy me a pack of Pokemon cards.

But again, my mom would turn and look right at me and say, “Michael, you really don’t need these cards. If you really think it’s a good idea to buy these, you’re going to have to use your birthday money to buy them.”

I shuffled through all the packs hoping to pick the pack that had the rare holographic Charizard card (for those of you who don’t know, this was THE card every kid dreamed of getting) and picked up the pack and threw it in the shopping carriage.

But my mom just stood there and didn’t move and I looked at her with curiosity and wondered why she wasn’t moving…

My Desires Said Yes, But My Gut Said No

That’s when 1 voice in my head screamed, “PUT THE PACK OF CARDS BACK!” And the other voice in my head screamed, “BUT I WANT THEM!”

My mom still didn’t move the carriage, but then looked at me and said, “Michael, you’re a smart boy. Do you really think buying these pack of cards is a smart thing to waste your birthday money on?”

So reluctantly I reached down in the shopping carriage, nearly falling in the process, but still managing to grab the pack of cards, turned around, and put them back on the shelf.

As most kids feel, I remember feeling so angry, disappointed, sad all at once. You know, the same feeling as to when the outcome doesn’t result in the way you expected?

All I could think about was how bad I wanted just 1 pack of Pokemon cards, but the way my mother spoke to me about it made me immediately think I shouldn’t buy them.

Meanwhile all I could think about was about how my friends’ parents were buying my friends tons and tons of Pokemon cards.

I guess my mom could just see the expression of disappointment on my face and obviously recognize how quiet I got.

But she turned and said to me, “I know exactly how you’re feeling right now.”

I said, angrily, sad, and disappointed, “NO YOU DON’T!”

The First Of Many Lessons

Immediately, my mom stopped me mid shouting and said, “But Michael, imagine, since you didn’t buy this 1 pack now, you are able to save up more money to buy something bigger!”

That’s when I looked over at the Booster Boxes that were on the shelf directly next to the packs of cards, and looked back at her, then looked back at the Booster Boxes and smiled…

I knew what I wanted…

This was the very first time I had one of those “A-Ha” moments…

Think Back

I want to stop telling this story for just a second…

I want you to think long, hard, and way back to the very first time you learned your first valuable lesson about money.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a family member, it could be a friend, acquaintance, anybody.

But think back and comment below and tell me the story about the first valuable lesson you learned about money!

Back To The Story!

So as my mom and I continued shopping, I was getting that feeling of excitement because I was thinking about how the next time I go to the store with my mom I’m going to get 1 of those Booster Boxes.

I started to develop this huge plan in my mind about how I was going to save up to get a Booster Box.

But I went from excitement to disappointment within minutes when I realized…

My Problem

My birthday just passed….

I really didn’t want to wait until Christmas to get that Booster Box!

So I asked my mom how I could to make the money to buy. Keep in mind, in my household, there was no such thing as allowance. My sisters and I were supposed to do chores because we lived under their roof.

By the way… That’s another valuable lesson I learned, but never understood when I was younger.

Anyway, I started figuring out tons of ways to make money. Keep in mind, I was still young, so my options were limited.

I Finally Had It!

So I would make money from anything between a lemonade stand, cleaning houses, mowing lawns, and so on…

But I remember sitting in the classroom all day overcome with emotions of excitement. I couldn’t wait to go home.

I remember getting off the bus and sprinting to my front door. I swung open the front door and threw my backpack on the living room floor, my backpack almost hit my cat.

I sprinted up the stairs, grabbed my wallet, grabbed my piggy back and started aggressively trying to get all the coins out of my piggy bank.

I had finally gotten all the money out, scattered everywhere on my floor. I started to sort all my dollar bills, five dollar bills, and I had one ten dollar bill. Then I started to sort out all the coins I had by quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies.

Once everything was all sorted, I started counting, starting with the biggest bills…

$10…$15…$20…$21…$22…$23… and so on…

All of a sudden I felt this indescribable feeling of excitement, sense of accomplishment, proud all at once. You know that feeling when you work for something and reach your goals? Well that feeling…

I FINALLY had enough money for a Booster Box!

I Went To The Store Again

Once I was done counting, I ran into my mom’s room and asked her, “When are you going to the store again? I want to go! I finally have enough money to get a Booster Box!”

So the next day I went to the store with my mom and we got to the Pokemon shelf. Just like every other kid, I was so excited to finally get the Booster Box.

But This Time Was Special…

I worked for this Booster Box. I deserve this Booster Box, I earned it!

So again, I shuffled through the Booster Boxes and chose the “lucky” Booster Box that I thought contained the holographic Charizard.

This time I placed it in the cart ensuring I was very careful with it.

It Happened Again!

Similar to the last time… My mom just stood there and didn’t move…

She said the same thing… “Michael, do you really think you need this? I know you worked and saved up all your money to get this, but is it really worth it?”

I quickly replied, “YES!”

“But Michael, imagine if you don’t buy this now, you can save up even more money to buy something EVEN bigger!”

This time was different…

For some reason, it didn’t bother me as much this time. I paused and looked at the Booster Pack and thought to myself, “You know what mom? You’re right I worked hard for my money.”

I calmly picked the Booster Pack out of the cart and quietly put it back on the shelf.

My first valuable lesson.

4 Lessons Learned

My first valuable lesson! One of many!

For some people this story may mean nothing, but this was a critical point in my life and I’m grateful for learning these lessons when I was young.

This is when I learned not only 1 lesson, but 4…

  • Instant gratification is only temporary and having the willpower to not spend goes a LONG way
  • You have to work for you money
  • There are unlimited ways to make money
  • The birth of understanding value

Follow My Journey

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